Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Great Hair Debate

This happens all the time. I can hear my friends moaning, "Here we go again."

I can never make up my mind about my hair.

I promised my best friend I would grow out my hair as long as hers so that whenever we go shopping, I can tie our braids together so she won't get lost.

She's the type that squeals, "Ooh, shiny pretty!" and disappears.

I find myself saying, "Hey, Myn, look at this neat shirt... Myn? Myndi?"

So my hair is finally reaching my shoulder blades. Well, half if it is. The hair in front is still just below my chin. Old layers from the first really really really short hair cut I got a few years ago.

It was great, except that I couldn't style it most of the time. We lived an hour away from everything, including work, and I couldn't use a blow dryer because it would cause a power outage (we were off grid and getting power from a generator at the time I had my last short haircut.)

It looked really good styled. It was horrible when it wasn't.

But long hair is its own misery, particularly mine. Because it's so fine, it breaks easily. Every shower, I have a fistful of hair in my hand from all the strands that break. I have to condition it every day because my snarls can withstand the most expensive detangler. And when it's dry, no amount of hairspray can keep it from getting static clingy and rising up like that electric ball they have you touch in grade school.

I can't really use most of the hair things I've bought for various reasons, such as my hair slips right out of them or they hurt my head, blah, blah, blah.

Id love to perm it, but that's ungodly expensive and it usually just causes more breakage anyway. I don't want to end up bald.

I love the way my hair looks when it's first blow dried and brushed. It never stays that way, though.

And then there's another reason, the one that keeps being rudely dragged to my attention.

A girl I know was recently sexually assaulted.

One thing that makes it easy to control a woman is her long hair.

I know, some are saying the chances of that happening to me are not that great.

Except it was right here in town.

Being a martial artist, this sort of thing is very important to me.

So this always brings up the question of : To chop or not to chop.

More to add to the debate: Long hair covers my ears and neck and keeps them warmer. But short hair fits better under hats and scarves are a great addition to my winter wardrobe. (Particularly the green one you made me, Myn.)

Long hair is better for theater because of the different styles you can do with it. But short hair fits better under wigs.

My husband likes it both ways. What he doesn't like is when it's in between. Not short, not long, just ... yuck.

What do I like best? I like how I look with long hair, but short hair makes me feel sassier. My hair feels healthier when it's short and I use less shampoo, conditioner, and time in the shower.

Of course, I'd get a kick out of growing it really long and then chopping it off to donate to charity, like Locks of Love or whatever it's called.

Okay, enough about my hair. What do you guys think? I'm going to sleep on it.


Matthew said...

I like it when it's longer. When you cut it really short a couple of years ago, it looked too masculine. The way it looks in the photo on this page looks really nice.

Anonymous said...

Of course anything that helps keep you safe I go for. But you could grow it long and put it up when you go out into the bad bad world.

Dark Rapunzel said...

I like it just past your shoulders, and I envy your straight hair! Try a light spray-on leave-in conditioner on just your ends.

I went through a special training course dealing directly with the hazards of assault on long hair when I was working in my first group home. First, find out how much it hurts to have your hair pulled. I doesn't phase me much at all. Second, if your assailant is foolish enough to not grab hold directly at the scalp you can usually grab his wrist and ease the tension on your hair. If you want more details let me know. And with a final note, allow me to point out that hair-pulling is nothing compared to hooking your claws (or just fingers) as far as you can into his nose or eyes. No Mercy!

As far as the hair goes, if you keep it trimmed regularly, you should be able to keep at least a little length on it without too much damage. May I just remind you that I also pull HANDFULLS of hair out EVERY SINGLE TIME I DO ANYTHING WITH MY HAIR! It just seems like more because it's longer than you're used to. Hey, I still panic once in a while about it.

Sparklecat said...

Dark Rapunzel, your hair is down past your butt, so handfuls for you are expected! :>

Actually, it's not the pain of pulling my hair that worries me. It's just the leverage. Since a twiglet, grabbing a hank of hair can make it all the easier for an assailant to swing me around. Or for my spouse creature to drag me to the bedroom. Not a pretty sight. Ha ha!