Thursday, July 29, 2010

Everybody Remember Where We Parked the Ark!

I can't believe how much it has been raining this month. Every single day, with the odd, random, half-days of sun mixed with clouds, maybe once a week at the most. The last one was Tuesday, so I dragged my lawn chair out to the middle of the driveway and plopped down to read and soak the rays for a bit.

Much as I don't want to admit it, I think we may have had our summer early this year, back in May when we had several weeks of almost no rain. It was gorgeous. The only problem was that the dryness led to many respiratory problems for me. The next door neighbors were ripping up the land to build a duplex, we had ATV riders running amok up and down our dirt road, the dust the dogs brought into the house was thick enough to choke a dust bunny, and I finally had to give up my beloved incense so I could breathe. While I am better now, that took almost two months to get rid of.

My husband thinks this summer is worse than our first summer here. I tell him no, because that first summer we only had four days total that hit 70 degrees with the sun visible in the sky. This summer started out fantastic and is now making up for those three weeks of sun bliss.

I should have started building the ark as soon as my parents left. I can count on one hand how many non-rainy days we've had since they went home. There are lots of ark jokes running around now. "Why are these animals lining up two by two outside my door?" "I must remember to pack the paddles before I leave today." I've been doing the Bill Cosby "Noah and the Lord" routines. "It's the Lord, Noah." " ... Right."

As one of my friends pointed out, Noah was building before it started raining. So we're screwed!

In other news, most people have heard that my husband is in the process of getting a new job. It's a very long process for this one in particular, but he's handling it fine. We hope everything will be settled by the third week of August. And then things are gonna change big time around here. But they should be changes for the better, including more time off for Logan and being compensated for any extra working time.

We're moving right along in our rehearsals for "Pride and Prejudice." Nothing new really to report there. Been reading a lot for other people, since my part is small and someone is absent almost every rehearsal. Can't wait 'til we get the scripts out of our hands, though.

I've been teaching extra classes this summer since people are going on vacations and fishing trips and whatnot. What with practicing the new routines, teaching my own classes, and subbing for extras, I'm pretty used up and tired most of the time. I'm hungry all the time, too, but don't necessarily want to eat. So I've decided to put off the personal trainer cert for now. I may change my mind later, but if there is a possibility I'll be adding classes later (still hoping for Group Kick!), then I probably should save what's left of my energy for that!

Maybe I'll also find the time to blog more often. Once a month isn't very much!