Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nanowrimo, Nunsense, and Halloween approach ...

... though not necessarily in that order.

Nanowrimo is just around the corner! (I know, still a week, but I can't wait!) I've got my novel outline ready for use on Scrivner. This will be my first time using this special program for writers on my Mac. Heard that it will be available for Windows soon, too, if it's not already. I've got a bunch of things saved in the Research folder so I can just glance at them quickly when I need them. The years before, I'd use a clipboard and just write a bunch of haphazard notes all over the paper. Not as easy to find the things I need that way.

Went to our Nanowrimo planning session at Pandemonium bookstore yesterday. I was late because of Nunsense II auditions, but I got to see all the new faces at our tables this year. The conference room was packed when I got there, but still enough room to squeeze myself in. I was way too tired to even order food by that point, but it was nice sitting in a room full of people about to embark on the same crazy adventure and listen to them talk.

Nunsense II auditions happened yesterday as well. I did a song I hadn't done before, and while I was very displeased with my singing performance, and while I always struggle with improv, I guess I did all right. I sang "Don't Rain on My Parade" from Funny Girl. Normally I don't have much trouble with belt songs, but I was so tired after teaching three exercise classes, I couldn't maintain control like I usually do and resorted to the kind of belt that I can only do for a few minutes. It sounds fine, but it's more like yelling than singing. Doesn't help that all the classes I teach require the use of my voice. Even though I use a head mic, I still get a little froggy after a long day.

For Halloween, I went through all the costumes I've made over the years: the sultry mummy and the country girl (both theatre costumes at one point), the renaissance wench, the southern belle (ding dong, ding dong!), and the goth/living dead girl dress. Much as I love the sumptuousness of the southern belle, I made it out of a fabric that turned out way too heavy, so I'll pass on that one. The mummy costume may be falling apart (it's hard to tell.) The country girl is too cold (short skirt and off the shoulder top.)

So I'm down to the wench and the goth girl. I think I'll go goth girl, since I can have some hair and makeup fun with that. I haven't worn that one since I lived in California, and I've only worn it once. I just have to make sure I can still wear it! If the temp gets real cold, I can wear long underwear and no one will be able to tell.

While I wait for the results of the Nunsense II casting, guess I'll go clean out the garage.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The temperature drops ...

... like cement shoes on the feet of a lawyer.

Sorry, bad joke.

The last week has shown a sharp change in the temperature, but this is rather typical. I always start thinking of doing ye olde tire swap around this time: mornings in the teens, frost so thick it doesn't melt before the sun goes down, that almost burning sensation of frigid air slicing down your throat. At least my nose hairs aren't crackling yet.

My body is starting to protest a bit this year. I'm usually fairly stiff if I sit still too long, like at the computer, and the cold air just makes it worse. I've added energy/protein bars to my diet. Most people use them as meal replacements. I use them as meal enhancements. I try to get organic ones whenever I can, but I also want ones that are edible. So I mix it up by getting several different kinds.

I've gone back to adding vitamin D to my regimen since my doc told me that my immune system was probably seriously depressed. So far it seems to be doing good. Now I just need to figure out the best diet to keep me moving.

Ah, the joys of living in Alaska!

Speaking of living in Alaska, today marks the third year anniversary of officially living here. It's been quite a ride, not always a pleasant one, but certainly a huge learning experience. I still haven't caught the local Alaska disease yet: that of complaining every time the weather turns cold. I'll admit, the summer sucked big time with all that rain. But there are good things to be said for winter. I like how the snow pack makes my road more tolerable for driving (no potholes.) I like the longer sunsets (since the sun never gets all the way up in the sky, the whole day is practically sunrise and sunset.) I like the fireworks on New Year's, the fact that we always have a white Christmas, the warm and comforting foods and drinks that are too warm for summer. I love watching my dogs playing in the snow.

And I can't wait to try out my new two handed snow shovel! (Okay, I'm stretching it a bit here.)

And, last but certainly not least, NANOWRIMO! Celebrating the art and science of writing for an entire month of literary abandon. Where you are free to write as crappy as you ever thought possible.

See, there are always good things about every kind of weather.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another closing of another show ...

... and I'm down in the usual post-show dumps.

The word often used is bittersweet, but that always makes me think of food. It's not strong enough for the emotions one goes through at the closing of a performance run, especially one as amazing as the run "Pride and Prejudice" just had. Two weekends sold out, and at least one sold-out show each of the other two weekends. There were a bunch of people saying they came back a second time (and they weren't spouses or family.)

I think I'd lean more towards manic-depressive as a description? I have to put more thought into that.

I'm grateful to have my "life" back. There are many things that have been taking back seats as we got closer to opening the show and during the actual performances. I haven't been practicing my new exercise routines as much as I usually do. At the very least I was pretty distracted while practicing backstage in the green room almost every performance night. (And several of the other actors and crew would join me every once in a while. I had my own chorus line going!) I need to get the garage clean and organized for the dojo. I need to bug spray the house. The list goes on.

But I got rather attached to the group of people I spent so much time with the last couple of months. Many of them were strangers to me when we started. It took weeks to learn everyone's real name instead of their character name. And then last night most of us went out karaoke-ing and have a blast. We want to make it a regular thing (much like us "Spitties" did after "The Spitfire Grill" closed.)

I got to work with people I already knew, and with people I wanted to know better or hadn't had a chance to work with yet.

I got to prance around the stage in fancy dresses with my nose in the air and speaking in a British accent. (I even got a compliment from someone with a real British accent!)

So my mind and emotions are at war for dominance: relief at life returning or depression at the ending of something special. Eventually the depression will pass and I'll be content with the memories: my nickname for my onstage brother when he accidentally called me his daughter during a show ("Dad!"), our own secretly added lines whispered behind the curtains ("Consider it dropped"), songs sung on our karaoke night ("I Got You, Babe"), and so much more.

I better be happy with my life being returned to me. The auditions for "Nunsense II" are coming up real soon ... ;>

Friday, October 1, 2010

NaNoWriMo website relaunch!

The NaNoWriMo website has indeed relaunched, so I've been procrastinating from cleaning the house to update my info and add the counters and banners to my blog. You can see the new ones in the sidebar. >dancing in giddy circles<

If you've never done NaNoWriMo, but you've always wanted to write a book, jump right in! You've got a month to plan still. Just remember you can't write a word of the novel itself until November 1, 2010. Until then, you can plan, outline, fiddle, brainstorm, and draw idea bubble maps to your heart's content!