Monday, May 10, 2010

Hippo birdie two me!

I got the perfect gift from the Universe for my birthday today: sunshine! It's soooooooo nice outside today. It's just a bummer that hubby has to work and I have to teach, but we'll get to do things tomorrow, I'm sure. Hope the nice weather holds.

Yes, I've officially turned 34 today. "Why should I lie? Age is only a state of mind. What age do you want me to be?" Emotions are running a huge gamut. Part of me wants to ignore the day and just go about my life. But that little part in me that most want to keep hidden, that little part that makes me such a spotlight ham, is almost screaming, "Shower me with attention! It's my special day! Wheeeeeeee!"

I'm sure everyone has that little part buried deep inside. If anyone says they don't, they need their own reality TV show. (Hyuck.)

Mailing off my Group Power DVD today. Subbing for Group Power this Wednesday, so that'll be interesting! Also subbing for a Group Active class at the fancy new Eagle River Club, then immediately attending the "Pride and Prejudice" auditions after. Can't wait to see the turnout for this. As usual, what I get will depend on the guys that show up. Technically, I'm too old for any of the daughters, could be the right age for the best friend Charlotte, too young for the mother. I could pull off Miss Bingley, too, I suppose. Well, we shall see. There's lots of talent in this town and it's not a musical, so I may very well not be cast! I can assume nothing at this point.

Even if I don't get in, my next one will be "Nunsense II." As that is a musical, my chances for getting in that one are a little better, I think.

I read a blog post of a friend of mine who recently lost his dad. His words were poignant and full of feeling, and the things he wrote about definitely rang within my soul. If he'd posted it on any other day, it would not have affected me so much. But by the time I was done reading the post, I was laughing through my tears. I am blessed in so many ways and it is too easy for us to take the good things for granted. I try so hard not to do that, but sometimes I get swamped in the difficulties of life, just like everyone else. And sometimes it takes the keen insight of a friend who has been to hell and back to bring you back to your senses. Many thanks to my friend for being so honest and full of the love of life to share his experiences with others.

And on that serious note, now I need to decide what cake I want to have tonight: chocolate, cheesecake, or ice cream cake ... ;>