Sunday, December 21, 2008

Closet Stalker

I figured out today that when I get bored, I begin stalking people.

Well, online, anyway.

I discovered Twitter and started searching for friends on that. I got on Linked In, which I haven't checked for months and actually added more stuff to my profile and peeked at others. I searched on MySpace (this is my main thing) and even logged on to Facebook, which I've done absolutely nothing on, no profile, no pics, nothing.

So if you were one of the victims of my boredom-induced stalking moment, I apologize, deeply and profusely. Just ignore me until I go away.

And to think I got online in order to learn about how to thaw and cook whole turkey. Boy, talk about easily distracted!

So right about now, my mother should be recording the closing night (er, afternoon) of the Christmas show I wrote with my bestest buddy. If all goes well, I'll actually get to see how the show I wrote looks in real life on the stage.

I wonder how many jokes at my expense there will be, since I'm not there to defend myself.

We are currently on Christmas break from rehearsals for "The Spitfire Grill" here in Wasilla. Hence the reason I'm stalking people today; I've got more time on my hands than I have had for a while. And to make it worse, my Wednesday evening class is canceled on account of Christmas Eve. Sigh. My husband has been complaining about hardly seeing me. Now he's going to complain I'm getting on his nerves.

Got my Christmas tree up yesterday, the same exact one that was up last year, as it is artificial. It's in the same spot, too. Since we have a dog that nibbles on everything, I can't put it on the table like I'd thought about doing.

Speaking of dog, I wonder what Bruno is chewing on right now ...

(Footsteps walking away)

Thump, thump, thump. Crash!

(Footsteps returning)

One of my socks. Luckily, one of the ones I was going to toss because it has a hole in the heel.

Where was I, where was I? Oh, yes. (As usual, I open my mouth and a musical comes popping out.)

We lost power last night, a couple of times. Logan woke me up to let me know, drat him. We peeked out the window and couldn't see a thing. The darkness here is pretty profound. Then we heard the printer on our computer clicking when the power came back. Then it happened again. But everything was all right by the time Logan got up for work. I was worried it was going to start getting really cold in here!

I've settled on the next novel I'm going to write. I'm going with the zombie idea ("Zombies Don't Eat Blondes"). I met with my writing group yesterday and they gave me lots of funny bits. It's going to be tongue-in-cheek to the hilt, so the nice thing is I won't mind writing utter and complete drivel for the first draft. The stupider the better.

I still haven't gone looking at my discs to see if any of my past novels are on them in some form or another. I know I still have the original first draft of "Sparkless", but after losing all the rewritten portions when our computer crashed, I don't have the energy to tackle it again. Besides, I need to find the notes I wrote on a notepad somewhere to remember what I was adding. And I'm not sure if any of the others were saved somewhere, like "Summerland's Savior" or "Am I Dead Yet?" I know the one I wrote for this year's Nanowrimo is completely gone.

Okay, I'm starting to babble. I need to shower and take the videos back and go shopping for Christmas dinner ingredients.

BTW, happy Winter Solstice!

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