Monday, December 14, 2009

Nanowrimo Fail, but Christmas A-Ok!

Yes, it's true. I failed to reach the 50k mark in last month's Nanowrimo experience. But the defeat is not so crushing as I thought it would feel. Truth be told, November kind of ended without me. There has been lots of drama regarding employment on the home front, among other things, so I kind of forgot that November has to end some time.

But what I got from the experience was worth its weight in gold. I finally tackled a story that has been bugging me to be written for a long time, but I avoided it from my own fears. So I plunged in and tried to use those fears to my advantage. I got lots of great ideas from my fellow writers and even from friends who are thousands of miles away from me at the moment. I learned more about how the story wants to be written, so much that I know I'll have to start over from scratch. (I wrote it in third person, but the story desperately wants to be told from the main character's POV. So when I get to rewriting it, that's what I'll do!)

In the meantime, I'll be going back to my very first novel, Sparkless. My new year's resolution last year was to finish that one and move on to some others that have been sadly neglected. Well, I have not yet reached that goal, so I want to achieve that one very soon. Summerland's Savior will be next on the list. It still needs to be finished, and then revised. It has been waiting patiently for, um, several years.

I finished all my Christmas shopping early and sent everything off last week. I hope the boxes reach their destinations with all due speed and alacrity. Now if I could only find the time between teaching and work to clean the house and set up the Christmas tree. I think I'll try to accomplish that today!

Things are changing for Logan on the job front. He put in for the Store Manager position, but it was filled by a corporate employee. There are more changes afoot, but I'll leave those for later when things are more solidly settled.

As for me, my jobs remain the same. I'm sure in January I'll find myself with more time on my hands. After all, retail dies after Christmas and I'm the part timer in my department, so I fully expect it and I'm not bothered by it. I've seen it from the management point of view, too.

Guess that's all for now. Gotta get to cleaning! And watching the snow fall outside.


Matthew said...

We had a big snowstorm here last week. Our power went out for three days and I was fit to be tied! Luckily, Susanne let me move into an extra space at the main office in Sac. On the home front, I moved in w/ my brother until the power returned. For the first time in six years, I had an actual commute!
Anyway, the power situation was severe enough this last time that Dad is now in the market for a generator. The outages are happening more often and lasting longer w/ each passing year, which should be the opposite of how it would go, don't you think? (In January of '08, we had a four day stretch and it was on a weekend, so I had to take a week's worth of laundry to my brother's house.) I don't know how you guys do it. I suppose it helps being married to a survivalist.

Sparklecat said...

Funny you should mention the snow storm you guys had out there. We haven't encountered any power outages, but read my next blog entry and see what I had to deal with today!

And yes, being married to a survivalist helps - but it's not necessary for survival! LOL!