Monday, November 1, 2010

And we're off like a prom dress!

I know, I've probably used that line before, but I can't help it: It cracks me up!

Nanowrimo has officially begun in Alaska. I met with a couple of other die-hards at a restaurant in Palmer (the only one we know of open 24/7). We had salads and sodas, busted out our laptops, and had our first word war together as other late-night patrons chatted around us in the cozy cafe environment.

We left shortly after that first word war, but it was so cool to share staying up late and getting going right off the bat with others, that I didn't mind. It was too cool that we were able to do it to begin with! Always nice to know there are other people out there as crazy as I am!

I'm still 600 words short of my daily allotment of 1667 words, but it's just about two in the morning. I need some shut-eye in order to keep cranking out my glorious story!


Anonymous said...

What's a Word War? MOM

Sparklecat said...

A word war is when writers set a time limit (like 10 minutes) and write as many words as they can in that time. Then they see who wrote the most words in that time.