Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Write 1 Sub 1 meltdown

Ever since my vacation, I've floundered keeping up with my weekly story writing and submissions. I'm down two stories and two submissions right now. The story I started writing during my vacation is finally finished, but I know I rushed the end just to get it done and out of my hair so I can move on. It will need a real mucking out before I consider submitting that one anywhere.

I've received a couple of rejections of stories that I have high hopes for. I know it's a matter of finding the right home, but I think it's hilarious that I got an Honorable Mention for a story I didn't like. I'm thinking my own opinion of my writing doesn't really matter a whole lot. Just the opinions of the people reading my stories.

I submitted my only completed novel to a contest. Won't be hearing the results until May, but wouldn't that be a fantastic birthday present! I believe the prize is editing and feedback for the novel and consideration for publication (as well as a bunch of the publishing company's books). Just getting some professional feedback would be wonderful.

And now I'm searching for another story idea. There's an anthology that's looking for cliche horror stories. Along the lines of Shaun of the Dead and all that. I was thinking my novel "Zombies Don't Eat Blondes" would be perfect if I did a short story version. But if the short story version gets published, will that cause problems for the full length version I plan on finishing some day?

I'm starting to feel overwhelmed again. Sooooo many things to consider, to keep track of, to write and rewrite.

I have more stories available to shop around now. So I've started using my Resubmissions checklist so I can keep track of those. I think the best thing to do right now is to ... is to write now. (Hyuck)

Off to find a new story idea!


Matthew said...

I say go ahead and do the short story version of the zombie novel. Agatha Christie expanded several of her early short stories into novels and she's still the world's best selling novelist despite having been 35 years in her grave!

Sparklecat said...

So just because you said to, Matthew, I went ahead and did it. And it's getting published! Yay! Thanks for the nudge!