Friday, June 29, 2007

A New Beginning on the Horizon...

I never had any intention of starting a blog.

I never had anything to say before that I thought would interest anybody.

But now I think I do. Maybe I'm just flattering myself, but perhaps what I write here will be read by others who may be facing the same life altering decisions that I've been facing. And if they aren't, maybe I can bring a smile to someone's face, even if it's only my best friend or my mother.

So what's so important that I would actually join the technology wave and start a blog like millions of other people? What could such a summer-loving, blonde-haired, goofy native born Californian such as myself have to say that would captivate the imagination of anyone else in the world?

It's time for bed. Tune in next time for I'm Too Tired to Blog or How Do You Keep an Idiot in Suspense! (Though I think my blog title is a little obvious, don't ya think? Remember, this blog is blonde powered!)

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