Saturday, June 30, 2007

All right, here it is...

Here's the moment you've all been waiting for... Well, maybe not. But it's my blog, so I can pretend like I have throngs of adoring fans hanging on my every typed word.

Logan has been offered a management position for a new store opening in Wasilla, Alaska. Here's another clincher: They've offered me one, too. Even though I haven't worked there in the last five months or so.

The guy that offered the jobs remembers me and understands the reasons I quit in the first place. Reasons such as a fairly incompetent manager over me, a total jacka** in management who was sleeping with the female employees, the fact that I was promised a raise and didn't get it, the fact that we were promised matching schedules which didn't happen... I could go on for a while, but those were the big ones.

And for those with lewd thoughts running through their heads, get your minds out of the gutter so mine can float by. No, that creep didn't try to sleep with me. In fact, I think he was scared of me, what with me being edumacated and all. I think he was worried I'd be after his job. He didn't like me at all. And he was a prime jerk.

So the upshot is that Logan will be Gun Room Manager and I will be Office Manager.

I'm more frightened of that than I am of the move to Alaska.

No details to post yet. We're not even sure when we'll be leaving, only that we're probably expected to be there by September. We're engaged in constant debates. Do we keep the Yaris and buy a 4 wheel drive truck? Do we buy it before we move or after? Do we sell all the furniture to make it easier to move or do we want to keep some of it? Do we keep the dome or sell it for extra money? What's the best way to move the kitties up there?

I hate everything being up in the air like this. I'm sure it's driving my mom crazy, too. (Sorry, Mom.)

At least the company will be paying for the moving expenses. It's great for them because they're getting two employees for the price of one.

Okay. Guess I need to go back to work now. I've got a performance tonight. I'll post every time I've got something new to tell, so it might not be every day. I'll also answer questions that people post in the comments.

Blessed be.

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