Friday, December 21, 2007

Internet deprived yet again...

Sorry, my adoring fans. We were once more deprived of our internet capabilities for about a week there. Finally got it fixed this afternoon.

You know, customer service in this state is seriously lacking. Or maybe I'm just spoiled by the company I work for. Customer Service is one of our most important factors.

But we were screwed over multiple times by the Toyota up here, and we were nearly screwed over by the internet/cable provider (but they have redeemed themselves by getting me back to my blog.)

The temperature has been dropping. No snow for a while, so what's left is frozen and crunchy (like kitty litter). It was -9 degrees last night on our way home! Our windows get frozen shut. (We try to keep them open a crack when we're gone to let the moisture out so we don't have the mold issues we had in our last place. But then our windows get frozen open, which is, if you'll excuse the pun, not cool.)

Logan got me my very first I-pod for Christmas! Now if only I had time to download the songs I want to put on it. At least now I have the internet connection to do it with.

We mailed boxes of presents to my parents, Logan's parents, and our friends a few days ago. I hope everything arrives safely and that you all get a kick out of your touristy Alaska gifts. We got a kick out of picking them out!

Okay, it's past 11. I gotta sleep. It's good to be back!

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