Monday, December 24, 2007

Mewwy Kissmoose!

Lucy was right. Snow comes up!

I'm serious! It looks like the snow is coming up instead of falling down, just like she said. "The wind blows it around so it looks like it's coming down, but actually it comes up out of the ground like grass. It comes up, Charlie Brown. Snow comes up!"

We got some snow the night before, so it is a white Christmas after all. And now the wind is blowing hard and while it isn't actually snowing, it looks like it is because the snow is the dry, powdery kind.

And nothing says Christmas like a nice zombie video game!

That's what Logan is doing right now. Playing a zombie video game on his new Xbox 360 Elite. I hope I get to try out my new Dance Dance Revolutions pad and game soon.

Logan gave me an iPod for Christmas and I've been filling it with as much karaoke as I can find that I already know. I've got about 40 songs on there already, and two of them are not karaoke. I finally got Wicked karaoke! Woohoo!

Today was hell at work. What happened to the days when people stayed home with their families Christmas Eve? All the employees were itching to get out the door, but all the customers where still packing in like we were going to be open til midnight. We finally started kicking people out at 4:30. And people were still calling an hour later to see if we were still open! Geeze Louise!

Logan's been sick the last couple of days, the poor dear. My boss finally had to tell him to GO HOME yesterday. He doesn't listen to me, so I'm glad Bossman laid down the law. Then he sent me home a few hours early to take care of my ailing husband. I went, but when he told me to go home early today, I said I'll think about it and promptly forgot. I'm sure he's glad I did that because we were slammed until we shut the doors.

One of my old coworkers at the kennel sent me a picture of the kennel kitty, Henry. I forgot how positively adorable he is, especially in his necktie!

I love all my family and friends and I miss you terribly. I hope you're all having a merry Christmas and that you all got your packages in the mail safe and sound. If you didn't get a package from us, don't worry. I'll probably be sending a lot of Amish Friendship bread soon!

Love you all and God/dess bless.


Matthew said...

I'll see your staying home on Xmas Eve and raise you this: Remember when it was normal for businesses to close on Christmas? Anyway, I'm sure it looks like a postcard up there. Merry Christmas to you, Logan, Dusty, and Asuka! :)

Matthew said...

I just got my Christmas present today! Thank you so much for the Fargo hat. Every time I put it on, I can't help but start talking w/ *that* accent. "Ja, sure, you betcha, don'tcha know."

Dark Rapunzel said...

I love my Moose! I have a Gen-u-ine Ee-laskan Moosie! And he Poos... Peanut MnMs! (I just have to remember not to wag his tail when he's full...)

Sparklecat said...

I'm so glad you got your things! Has Tiffy got hers yet? You'll be getting Amish Friendship bread from me soon, too, once I have some time to bake!

Dark Rapunzel said...

Yes, Tiffy-Roo got hers too!