Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Ewe Near!

I guess that's what farmers say to each other when their pregnant sheep are about to give birth.

Okay, yeah, I'm reaching. I'm tired. I get a day off tomorrow, at last.

New Year's is a little different here. Since it's too light in July for Independence Day fireworks, they have them on New Year's instead. And this year was Wasilla's first time allowing regular civilians to purchase and set off their own fireworks.

And I saw some fireworks that I never saw in California. Roy, brother dear, you would be jealous.

A friend and coworker invited us over to his townhouse apartment to shoot off a boat load of fireworks in his yard. We gave the neighbors quite a show. And all the while the town fireworks were going off high in the sky, too.

We got those firecrackers that come in a string, and did a lot of lighting and tossing. The snow didn't even dampen the spirits of the colors (the flowers did not spin, however.)

We got the ones that are shaped like bombs with long green wicks and you put them down in this tube, light the wick and stand back. Like miniature cannons, they shoot up into the air with a loud FOOM and explode with colors and sparks, looking only slightly smaller than the professional ones. Those were my favorite.

One fountain type firework went screwy and blew the bottom out, sending some sparks in weird directions. We had to duck and cover. A solemn reminder that you can get hurt if you're not careful.

Okay, enough with the public health message. I was having a mild pyromaniac blast last night! It was so cool.

Of course, I realized at 11 here, it was already midnight in California. I'd gotten a text from my best friend and I sent one back to her with tears in my eyes. I miss my family and friends a lot, but I say that nearly every post now, don't I? What a sap.

Tomorrow we're going to look at some vehicles and possibly purchase one so we'll have two cars again. I think we're going to be looking at Landcruisers. Possibly a Suzuki Samurai, too. Then I'll be able to go karaoke-ing without having to drive my husband anywhere (need someone to go with, though.)

Well, time to go to sleep. No resolutions this year. Yeah, I bit all my nails off already, but I know I can stop doing that any time I want to, so I don't need to resolve to do it anymore. I already exercise whenever I can. I can't think of anything to resolve to do this new year. And it doesn't feel like a new year. It feels old to me. Brand new year, same old blonde! Wonder what I can do to liven things up a bit.

Okay, now I'm just babbling, stream of consciousness aloud. Good night, y'all! Happy new-old year!


Dark Rapunzel said...

You could always add highlights or lowlights to your hair if you want to feel a little different for the new year. Or start doing your make-up differently (in your case, knowing you, just start wearing make-up). Silly as it may seem, if a woman changes something about her looks, she generally starts to feel like a new woman. Hence why so many women do crazy things to their hair when they get depressed. Oy!

Sparklecat said...

yeah, i start to wear makeup or do my hair and then get bored with spending the time. go figure!