Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Missed the biggest...

Biggest snowstorm of the season, I mean. While I was in California getting soaked by rain after rain, the temperature dropped in Wasilla and got buried in snow. And I missed it!!

Oh, well.

It was fantastic seeing my family and my friends again. Got to play guitar with my dad, go shopping for my best friend's wedding, buy lunch for my friends. Love my new credit card, by the way. Ha ha.

Now I'm back in Alaska. Sorry, California, but I really like snow better than rain. Especially the dry, powdery snow like we get here. It just brushes off, so you don't go around dripping. I noticed it feels colder in California because you get wet.

Well, it seems that it doesn't matter anyway. Logan's been offered a higher position on the ladder which will take us back to California. Southern California, that is. Not sure if we care for the location. We've been reading about it and haven't heard anything real good yet.

But what's important is what this job will do for Logan and me.

It will pump up his resume to the extreme, so he'll be able to do more of what he would want to do later.

And it will allow us to pack away the money and perhaps buy a piece of property somewhere that we want to settle in, buy a new dome (yes, we want to go back to our earth muffin ways) and maybe a fancy trailer (I never did want a big house), and live the way we've always wanted to. Simple and as self-sufficiently as possible.

Will we ever return to Alaska? I don't know. We won't even get the chance to see the season that everyone raves about. We've seen the winter and it's not as bad as we'd heard before we came. If we liked winter, I can only imagine how we'd like the summer.

But life is what happens while you're making other plans.

I'll continue the blog as long as we're living in Alaska. After all, I'll probably still have some interesting Alaska stories to tell while we're here. That is the point of this blog, right?

But I think I will retire the blog when we return to California.

(Pauses to hear the great sobs of adoring fans.)


The whole reason I started this blog was because I finally had something interesting to talk about, something that other people would find interesting and informative.

If we move out of Alaska, there goes the point.

Then it would be just a blog about myself, and we all know how interesting that is.

So if you have any questions or subjects you want me to write about, let me know. I don't know when we'll be moving, but it could be as soon as next month. Just in time for my best friend's wedding!


Dark Rapunzel said...

wait a minute... I have a blog about my life!

You gotta continue having a blog, just so we here in the foothills can keep up with your interesting life and travels!

The whole point of having a blog is for your loved ones to be able to catch up with you at their convenience, and you won't have to repeat the same story 18 times.

Anonymous said...

Here, Here, dark rapunzel. I feel the same way. Keep up the blog. Me

hannahpadilla said...

Such a bummer! Where in So. Cal. Maybe I can give you some input....

Sparklecat said...

Victorville area, hannahpadilla. We've been doing some research and the people who live there don't have much good to say about it. We're thinking Apple Valley would be better.

You guys are sweet. I wanted a blog that could reach out and say something important to anyone, not just family and friends.

Of course, in light of recent events, I'm just totally bummed out right now and feel like crawling into a dark corner with a bag of cookies. Except I just finally started getting back into shape. I can't win!!!

HannahPadilla said...

I just moved from Apple Valley a couple of years ago. And my husband lived there since he was about 2 or 3 years old. What would you like to know?

HannahPadilla said...

Email me direct if you like,

HannahPadilla said...

High desert positives:
Great (and I mean GREAT) Mexican food, a few hours from beautiful beachs in Orange County, a few hours from Las Vegas (if you like that sort of thing), And it only takes a short drive to get to some beautiful desert areas.