Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome to the family!

Here's the foot warmer I promised to show you!

His name is Bruno. He's seven weeks old, a purebred Golden Retriever, with a pretty impressive family background. Our boss was bringing him to work because he was the only puppy of the litter that hadn't sold yet.

I spent a day being his nanny and I was very impressed with his behavior. Kind of laid back, but playful, already housebroken (though he has the usual puppy issues, such as chewing on everything in sight).

I couldn't resist. And since I've been feeling so homesick lately, and since the Boss Man said I could bring him to work every day, Logan bought him for me. He won't be stuck in the apartment all the time, the reason why we hadn't gotten a dog before this to begin with.

He spent part of last night sleeping in my arms nestled between me and Logan. What a sweetie.

By the way, I may be able to fly out to California in a couple of weeks for a short visit. It's pretty dead at work right now. I'll be looking into flight tickets here pretty soon.


Dark Rapunzel said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! Happy Puppy Day! He's so absolutely adorable!

If you get to come out for a visit now, will you still be able to come out for the wedding?

Dark Rapunzel said...

Hug the puppy for me! Who named him?

Lily said...

Hello! My boyfriend and I are from Alaska and we're thinking about moving back. We have a couple cats also and when I googled "move with cats" your blog came up. I was just wondering how the plane trip with your cats went. What kind of sedative did you use? Did they do okay?