Wednesday, January 23, 2008


What's with the weather, for crying out loud? One week it's getting down to 17 below with the snow finally reaching interesting depths (like gastrocnemius deep - wait, did I spell that right?)

All of a sudden, it jumps up to the low 40s and starts RAINING!

I didn't come up here for the rain in wintertime! I want SNOW!!!

Now most of the snow has melted and there's a solid inch of ice on all the parking lots that's slicker than hair gel. Not cool.

Ah, well. I'm in California right now, so it's not like it really matters. It's pouring down rain here. Was hoping there would be a little bit of that famous sun, but so far, no such luck.

It's been fantastic seeing my parents, my friends, my cats. Lily, my brother's dog (formerly my grandmother's dog) actually did not recognize me at first. She ran up to the house and stood their growling until she got a good whiff of me. The tail shot up and waved at once.

My boys recognized me, though. Gerry jumped on my back and Schmendrik and Damien perked right up and demanded pets. Tomorrow I will invest some lap time.

I heartily admit that I started crying when I had to leave my husband at the security line of the airport in Anchorage. I had just smothered my puppy Bruno with kisses and left him in the car while Logan walked me up. Then I started sniffling and wiping my tears away. I was scared to fly by myself, I tell you what!

But the flight was actually really decent. I was by the window with a nice lady on my other side. I watched Shindig, an episode of Firefly, on my iPod, had a turkey sandwich, and listened to music.

I had frozen yogurt and talked to Logan, my mom, and my best friend on the phone while I was waiting out the layover in Seattle. Saw the news that Heathe Ledger was dead and sat there with my mouth dropped open in shock.

The second flight was so smooth. We left early and we got to sit wherever we wanted because there were so few people on the plane. I totally spread out and dozed while listening to my music.

Unfortunately, the same thing happened that has happened every time I fly: I got a nasty headache. I think it has to do with that inner ear virus I got years ago and the pressure in the cabin. Everything about this trip was perfectly pleasant except my head.

Tomorrow I'm going to stop at the Rocklin store and see the people I used to work with and stop at the kennel to visit those people I used to work with. I can't wait to see their faces.

I return to Alaska on Saturday. I probably won't post again until after that. Hopefully our internet access will be up and running AGAIN.

There are big changes looming on the horizon. Won't post about them yet, as I don't know what's going to happen. But it may spell the end of this blog...

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