Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finally, I live somewhere that's GREEN!

Looklooklook, green stuff! I forgot how beautiful green is!

That's Wasilla Lake in the background. (At least, I think it's Wasilla.) It's a short walk down behind our apartment complex. We've started walking the puppy there because we can let him off his leash and he doesn't disturb anybody and can run in crazy circles as long as he wants.

I've posted a bunch of pictures of Bruno on Myspace. Here's the URL for mine:

There's pics from my best friend's wedding and my kitties as well.

When the sun is out, it feels very warm here. The downside is that the wind has picked up again and the wind still has a harsh bite to it. When I'm outside, I alternate between wanting to zip up my coat and wanting to tear it off. This happens every three seconds.

But spring is here at last! Green things are starting to burst up from the ground like the police were after them. I was up really late recently (about 3 am) and I could see that the light doesn't completely disappear from the sky at night now. It's an odd feeling, but it's pretty neat, too.

People are coming in to the store now saying, "Oh, the mosquitoes are out in force. Stock up on the bug spray."

I think it depends on where you live because so far I've hardly seen any. And the ones I've seen are regular size. Nothing scary about them.

My parents are coming for a visit this summer and my mom was asking me what she should bring to wear. I told her bring a little bit of everything because I think we'll see a little bit of everything from the weather (except snow). I also said to roll her clothes rather than fold them because they take up less room and are less creased that way, too.

I can't wait to see how warm it gets this summer!

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