Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Got Paid!

Happy dance!

This whole writing thing wasn't quite touching down with me. I'd gotten four acceptances, but I hadn't seen much to make it real for me.

Now I've seen my first anthology on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Pill Hill Press's website. And even more evidence I'm a real writer: I got my first check in the mail! Not much, but it's just hard to wrap my brain around the idea that someone liked my writing enough to pay me for it!

Is it strange that I feel this great need to frame it instead of cashing it? I wonder if the bank will let me keep it after they process it.

I've discovered something interesting about myself lately. For someone who doesn't like horror movies (I will only see certain ones, and they can't have zombies in them), I've been writing a lot of horror tales. I just finished another one, set in the late 17th century. Maybe it's because I'm easily scared, so I write what scares me. Doesn't take much to freak me out.

You know, this blog started out as a chronicle of our adventures living in Alaska. Over time, it seems to have morphed into a writing blog. I thought about starting a separate blog for writing, but it is so much a part of my life now, I don't feel the need to complicate my life by trying to write two blogs!

I had a late night, and an early wake up call thanks to a cat fight and the smell of cat crap in the shower. Perhaps I should end now before I start babbling.

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Madeline Mora-Summonte said...


When I got my first check for my writing (many many years ago), I made a copy of it and framed the copy. Hey, the amount on the check wasn't much but it did come in handy. :)