Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm having a "Glee" moment ...

Wasn't there a scene in the first season where Rachel in the musical TV show "Glee" was complaining how her success was coming too fast, and what happened to all the suffering you're supposed to go through before you make it?

All right, I know I haven't technically made it as far as the writing world is concerned. But this whole process is making me giddy as a girl at her first dance with her major crush. Another story of mine has been accepted, one of my horror tales. And I just got word that my romance tale got through the first round of selections and they had some nice things to say about it! I guess I'm just a little surprised that I've gotten this many acceptances this soon. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying that. >Knocking on wood<

I made the mistake this last week of starting up "Fable III," a relatively new video game. I played the one before it and really enjoyed it, so of course I got hooked on this one right away. And that meant I wasn't spending any time writing. I would spend hours each day with my jaw hanging open and drooling like a zombie as i stared at the screen.

I prefer drooling over copies of anthologies with my stories in them, I have learned.

It's amazing how I felt during that time. It was like going through withdrawals from one drug while getting hooked on another. The good news is that I finished the game rather quickly and got it out of my system. Now I can go back to writing.

My fingers are getting itchy. Writing is the drug that relieves the itch. :)


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on reaching your Write1Sub1 goals this month! I can relate to that writer's itchiness. =]

Joe Romel said...

I can relate. Video games often distract me from my writing. And for all the awe and wonder they have to offer, I've yet to really found inspiration in them as I have found in books or movies or even television shows.

Well, once, but nothing really came of it.

Oh, and congrats on reaching your W1S1 goals for April!

Sparklecat said...

I hate to say it, but I didn't make it through April Write 1 Sub 1. I'm still short a couple of stories and subs. But I certainly appreciate your posts, guys! Thank you!