Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Romance Writing and Light Ray

As you may already know, Breathless Press published my short story, "Bordello Secrets" a few months ago, and I have been posting the links to various reviews of it. Just added another one from "I <3 Bookie Nookie" on Goodreads. (The same review has appeared on a couple of other romance review websites as well.) I am very grateful to the reviewer for the posting.

One common theme I've seen when it comes to opinions of this story is that it readers would have liked to read more of it. This delights me because it makes me feel like I might actually be doing something good and worthwhile here. It's so easy to forget that when you're sitting at your writing desk and tearing your hair out because you think you've just written great amounts of slop.

Which puts me in the frame of mind to attempt a historical romance for Nanowrimo this year.

As usual, my trouble is coming up with a story idea that I'm excited to write about.

I'm struggling to keep up with Write 1 Sub 1. I've noticed since August that I've mostly been doing the Light Ray version, one story and submission per month, though sometimes more if I can manage. I'm not entirely sure what's gone wrong with me lately, except that I am physically exhausted, and my time keeps getting sucked away somehow. I need to pinpoint exactly where the time is going so I can turn the vacuum off. (I have the feeling Diner Dash will be the first to go ... )

I know Nanowrimo is going to be a tough go this year. I will really only be writing two weeks out of the four. But for me, this year is mostly going to be about hanging with my writerly friends as the snow flies outside, drinking hot chocolate and battling each other in word wars. And I hope I will have something decent to work with after the month is over.

While falling behind on the weekly Write 1 Sub 1 is a tad disappointing, the process has shown me many things about myself and my abilities. So even if I must admit to changing to Light Ray version these last few months (having not admitted it to myself previously), every moment of the year participating in the program has been priceless. It was the exact kick I needed to start the process from "wannabe" to "real" writer.

Time to search for a Nanowrimo idea. :)

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