Sunday, October 14, 2007

The last day cometh...

Auuuuuuugh! This is it! This is the last day! Help me, help me! This is the last day! Auuuuuuugh!

(Clearly, some philosophies aren't for all people.)

Auuuugh! It's already halfway over!!! It's past noon!! Where is the day going?!

Auuuugh! It's 10 minutes later than it was 10 minutes ago! It's slipping through my fingers!!! Auuugh!

Okay, I'm good. It's all cool.

Yeah right. More like an emotional roller coaster, but you keep it all inside.

A lot of things I'm really excited about. A lot of things I'm really sad about.

Sad that I didn't get to do a lot of things I would have loved to do. Sad that the last two days had to be spent working rather than trying to see people I love and will miss terribly (Mellybean, Matthew, Tiffy, various family members, etc. Oh, everybody!)

Today Logan is driving Mustange Sally over to his parents house. My mom and I are going to see Mellybean's Halloween show at Olde Coloma Theatre. Then I'm borrowing mom's car and going to pick Logan up so I can visit his parents, too. May squeeze in dinner with Tiffy in the in-between time.

Tomorrow morning my parents are driving me, Logan, Dusty and Asuka, and a bunch of baggage to the airport. Gods, I hope the sedatives work so that the cats can stay quietly with us in the cabin.

I though perhaps I'd sit down and write a deeply moving and philosophical post about leaving 30 years of life behind you and looking forward to the next 30 years with great dreams and hopes.


I'm just wondering if I can get through the day without sobbing uncontrollably. Maybe I'll settle for sobbing controllably.

I just won't control it.

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Dark Rapunzel said...

Hey there, frog of my heart. I was really grateful that you made it to the show on Sunday. I hope you have a safe and serene journey. I can't wait to see pictures of the flora and fauna up there in Alaska-land. I wish we could have had more time together, but there's always March to look forward to! Take care of you!