Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Taurus has found her wings...

... and wants to give them right back.

I don't fly well!

No, I didn't puke, thank goddess for small favors. But I sure did get a huge headache for most of the longer part of the trip.

Okay, so since I didn't take any pictures, this blog entry will concentrate on the flight itself. After all, I've never flown commercial, so this was a milestone experience for me.

Besides, I'm sure Logan has some great descriptions of my facial expressions during take off and turbulence!

It's hard to find your way around an airport when you've never flown before. We finally figured out where to park and took a shuttle over to the terminal. We found where to check our baggage immediately after (we checked in on the internet at my parents' house). And then it was time to face...

(Bum, bum, bum, bum)

The Airport Security.


I'd heard so many horror stories about security after 9/11 that I was sure we'd be dragged off for a full body cavity search.

Apparently we were so paranoid that we did everything right. The longest part was putting our shoes back on!

We had to hang around for a while when we finally located our gate. Logan disappeared and came back with a king sized Twix bar for me.

Does that man know me or what? Even if I'm so freaked that I don't want to eat, I'll still eat chocolate. Sheesh.

We also shared a bottle of water and a couple of Airborne tablets. Appropriate, non?

So we get on the plane and are delighted to see that we have two seats together with no one else next to us. Logan lets me sit next to the window. This was a good thing and a bad thing. The sights were incredible, but watching the ground slip away beneath my feet during take off rattled me quite a bit. Here's where you'll want to ask Logan about the facial expressions!

After I got over myself, I was able to look through the window without much fear. I could see the three faces of the Goddess in the land beneath me; the blue waters that the maiden is born in, the thick brown and green earth tones of the mother, and the wrinkles and cracks of the hag when passing over mountains.

I also noticed that much of the land in California was checkered brown and yellow, sliced in various directions by highways and rivers. It reminded me of Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Anyway, as we got closer to Seattle, the clouds below us thickened until it resembled a sea of marshmallow creme (I was getting hungry at this point, I think.) Of course, it was pouring rain down below, so we went into a couple of holding patterns and landed half an hour late, which put the next flight off later. At least we didn't have to wait too long.

Problem with this second flight was that we had to share a trio of seats with another lady, who had the window. Ratsafrats. I was hoping to be able to see Canada and Alaska as we went over, but no such luck. I don't think I even caught a glimpse of Canada because I didn't bother looking towards the window until the descent into Anchorage.

I couldn't see much, but what I did see took my breath away. And I'm not saying that to be cliche. (I'm rhyming again. Somebody make me stop!) Snow covered mountains, vast lakes... It was love at first sight for us both.

Well, that's about all I can remember to tell about right now. Tomorrow I'll describe Anchorage and Wasilla, with pictures this time, I hope!

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Dark Rapunzel said...

Your tag line made me laugh so hard I almost fell off the chair. Bonus points for the Looking Glass Reference!