Sunday, September 30, 2007

Eek! It's coming!

Today was our last day at work before we leave for Wasilla. Yes, I know, we're coming back for a week and a half in the middle of October, but still. This is the big start! Eek, squeal, shriek!

And guess what? We've already found an apartment! We did some calling around to some complexes in the area and talked to one lady who sent us pictures through the email of one of her available apartments. All hardwood floors and very clean. Only things that aren't nice about it; no covered parking and no washer/dryer in the apartment itself. There are coin ops on site, though, which won't be too bad, I guess.

We've faxed her an application and we're going to see it first thing the morning after we arrive. I can't wait!

We'll be leaving around 8:30 am Tuesday morning. First we'll be dropping off the cats at the kennel, then we'll be heading for the airport. We're going to leave our car there so we have the luxury of leaving the moment we get back. Our plane leaves around 12:30 or so. We change planes in Seattle and should arrive in Anchorage around 5:30 pm (which I'm guessing will be 4:30 for them). Then an hour to Wasilla.

The apartment complex we're applying for is about a five minute drive from where the new store is going to be. Wow, that won't even be enough time for the heater to get going in the car before we get home from work!

We'll be returning late on October 8th, probably around 10 or 11 pm, judging from the time change. We'll be packing our container through the 11th, then leave again for good on the 17th.

Boy, this month is going to just zip by. I hope I notice some of it.

Bet your boots that we'll be posting pictures of Wasilla during this first week.


Matthew said...

Good luck and here goes nothing. (Or should it be break a leg? Once a theater brat, always a theater brat.)

Sparklecat said...

Or in the words from the movie Tron, Here goes something, here comes nothing!

Wait. Or was it the other way around?