Friday, September 14, 2007

What is it with the water bowl?!

I'm sitting here watching my cat Dusty paw at the water bowl. He always has to move it an inch or two before he'll drink out of it. Logan says it's because he can't see the water when it's still, so he moves the bowl to move the water and then he can see it to drink it.

Guess he's too diginified to stick his nose in there and get it wet. Does the word "dignified" belong in any sentence discussing Dusty?!

Finally finished my week of intensive training. I learned a lot and I had to learn it real fast because I only had my trainer for five days, which turned into four days because the Reno store is having a few problems that she needed to bail them out of. Besides, we were pretty much done.

It's wonderful being trained by someone who acts like she has so much confidence in you. Heather commented that with the reams of paper I covered in notes during that time, she has no worries about my ability to handle the job.

Yes, her name is Heather. We also wear the same kind of glasses. And if my hair was as short as it was a few years ago, that would be another thing we have in common, as well as body type. Our styles are different. (Do I even have a style? My mother buys my clothes, for the love of [enter chosen deity here]!)

On rambles the Heather Train. Hop aboard for a trip to nowhere!

Anyway, now I'm making my own schedule (well, sort of) and trying to learn other things, like opening and closing procedures, ordering name tags, making tabs for the files in my imaginary filing cabinets, which will be reality come the end of October.

I'm more confortable with this idea of being a manager now, but it'll be so much better when I get to my own store. Right now I feel like a shadow or an intruder.

The taste of fall in the air yesterday prompted me to put on a sweater before leaving the house. I left it on at work all day. If I hear one more person comment on what the weather will be like where I'm going, I shall utter a piercing shriek as I plunge a Sharpie pen into his or her eye socket.

Let's do the Big Damn Shindig on your actual birthday, Melly Bean, if you aren't all booked up with rehearsal. That is the start of your Hell Week, isn't it? Are you guys having Sunday matinees? Are you having one the last weekend in September? I need a theater fix. All this corporate-ness has sucked away my creativity.

I can't even find my special fountain pen that I use for writing novels. Grrr.

And why the heck won't my spell check work?!

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Dark Rapunzel said...

For the record, I like playing in my water bowl, too.

Yes, we have a rehearsal Sunday the 23rd, but it doesn't start until 5pm, so we could still do something that morning and afternoon. No guarantees about a Big Damn Shindig, though. I've been too incredibly busy to plan anything and so has everyone else, apparently. Allen and Midge haven't even compared notes! My time is incredibly limited and everyone keeps asking me what we're doing for my birthday, and I haven't the first damn clue!
Call me when you get a chance.