Sunday, September 2, 2007

Interview with a ... Blonde Blogger!

Just completed an email interview with another blogger who ran across mine and wanted to ask me some questions about my career (such as it is) in Customer Service. I happily agreed since I love talking about myself. Didn't feel comfortable giving my picture though, even though I have one on my own blog.

But then again, how do you know it's really me? I could be just be a piece of bad shrimp coming back to haunt you in the night! Wah-hah-hah!

Okay, so my evil laugh come out sounding like a puppy playing a kazoo. Keep you smart comments to yourself, peanut gallery.

Anyway, I checked out this other blog, called Payscale. It's chock full of interesting info and interviews for all kinds of different careers. Here's the link:

I kind of felt sheepish because these people all seemed to love their careers and I don't. In fact, I'm only promising to stick with it for the contract year, but you know I'll be checking out the local colleges for teaching positions the minute I'm up in Alaska. In all brutal honesty, this job is just a method of getting to a place we've always wanted to live in, but didn't have the means to get there.

In a nutshell, it's a career for Logan, but a means to an end for me. My real career is teaching martial arts.

Though sometimes I still think I want to be a performer. Singing, dancing, etc. I'm just too scared I'll either fail or lose the good things in my life if I try to pursue that too much.

Um, maybe I'm getting a little too deep into my own psychosis right now. Hit the backup beeps.

Also, I felt like my own personal journey towards Office Manager was rather odd, though I was able to give a little bit of info about Customer Service itself. But I have a six month chunk missing from that particular "career" before being offered management, and that kind of thing just won't happen for a lot of people. Oh, well. I hope someone finds my experiences helpful.

Anyway, thanks to Michael for catching my blog and showing interest in my currently lackluster life. Can't wait to see how my entry turns out!

My training in Office Management is getting stepped up a bit more. I've spent some more time up in the office learning new things rather than down in the Customer Service area. I also got my first taste of what it's like working a 12 hour day. That's simply crazy.

What happened was that the counting of cash drawers for the first shift of cashiers ending their day got dragged way out of control. I was the last one to get counted out and that was an hour and a half past the time I was supposed to have left. It was the day before dove season opened, so the Customer Service line was very long and stayed that way.

When I came out, I saw that the two in Customer Service were never going to get a chance to sit down and have lunch if I didn't stay, so I did. I covered their lunches and their tens and helped keep the cashiers on their schedules as well as we could.

I could not in good conscience leave with that kind of insanity. What kind of manager would I be? The worst part of it was that Logan is still hourly, so those extra five hours of work that he put in while I covered my team were unpaid. But he didn't complain (well, not about that, anyway.)

Wow, this entry got a lot longer than I had thought it would. G'night folks!

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