Thursday, August 30, 2007

Corporate phone tag...

.. is a lousy game. I don't recommend it to anyone, no matter how bored you may be.

That's what we're doing right now. We're trying to hammer out what we're supposed to do on all aspects of the move; the shipping container, the flight, whether we have to come back to the lower 48 between interview weekend and store set, et cet-ah-rah, et cet-ah-rah, et cet-ah-rah. (It's good to be the king!)

We're told okay, you need to talk to this person, then this person, then this person. The next person says oh, you need to talk to this person and this person. Then we're told oh, you're not supposed to be handling this, so-and-so is. So on and so forth, ad nauseum.

Can't wait to run out of persons!

So I'll talk about Serenity to make everything all better!

Here's another reason to buy the Collector's Edition: You'll learn about space hickeys! Gods, this cast enjoyed each other's company so much, the documentary-type footage is as funny as the outtakes!

One bummer: no easter eggs as far as we can tell. The easter egg on the original Serenity is now a standard on the Collector's Edition.

We found the full comic book at Fry's. Would have bought it, but it was a little munched up along the bottom. Wanted to see if I could find another copy somewhere else. Thought I'd try going to some comics shops and see if they sell the figurines, too!

More good news: Our boss in Alaska called to let Logan know that they bought a house and that right down the street, about five houses down, another home that seems to fit the description of what we're looking for, has just gone up for sale by owner. He's going to take pictures and email them to us. Who knows, if we like what we see, maybe Logan will fly up and check it out. Maybe we'll have a home before we even get there! Wouldn't that be totally SMOKIN'! (Ooops, I broke the law. Oh wait. You can still smoke in your home, so I'm not breaking the law at all. For now.)

Okay. Goin' dark. Good night, y'all.

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Dark Rapunzel said...

Can't Stop The Signal!
I just watched the outtakes and easter egg off the original Serenity dvd yesterday. Now I'm DYING to have the Collector's Edition! Why do they do this to us? Why torture us so? Do they think we're made of money? What do they expect us to do with the regular copy we purchased as soon as it came out? And why am I asking all these rhetorical questions? Was that a dirty parakeet joke? Is this a take? Where am I? Help!