Monday, August 13, 2007

Don't ever let me do that again.

If you ever hear me talking about having another yard sale, please drag me around the house by my hair, douse me with kerosene, and threaten me with a pretty, engraved lighter. Or let some terrifying space monkeys loose in my teddy bear making supplies.

It was a great experience. I'd never had a yard sale before and I learned about public relations, haggling, and other things like that. Got to meet all my parents' neighbors and got a little money for some of the stuff that was going to go to hospice anyway.

I also learned that my parents' house was a little too far away from traffic, so the second day was really boring, and most of our stuff other people are not interested in because the five people that showed up in four hours walked around the yard sale in less than 30 seconds and left without touching a thing. Not worth the sunburn.

I finally gave up around two o'clock and started packing things up and taking the signs down. In those last three hours one car pulled up and asked to take a peek at what was left and I explained that most of the good stuff was gone, but I let them in anyway. And my friend Matthew showed up as well.

By the way, a gigantic thank you to my best friend Melly Bean, her sister the Queen of Geeks, and Matthew for coming to the yard sale. You guys were the highlight of my weekend. I'm so blessed with friends.

And thank you to my mom, my aunt Paulette, and Melly Bean for buying the most stuff on the second day!

My aunt was so adorable. She arrived while I had a customer first thing in the morning. She had her dog with her, so she kept him in the car while she waited for the customer to leave. She wandered over to the dinette set and sat down in one of the chairs. She looked at the table for a few moments and then announced, "You have my table."

I said, "What?"

"You have my table."

We had gotten the set from my in-laws, so I was trying to figure out how the table set got from her to them to us when I was positive she'd only met my in-laws at our wedding six years ago.

"I've been looking for a table and chairs like this for a long time. I want to buy them from you."


She also bought the bar stool because it matched her furniture.

Mom bought the cupboard and also took a lot of books to be donated to the Friends of the Library. She might be taking the office desk, too.

Melly Bean and the Queen of Geeks took the cat tree, the Furby, the Karaoke machine, and a bunch of my books. Queen of Geeks talked Melly Bean out of several more items, which she is still welcome to take if she wants them (HA HA!)

So overall, I was glad I did the yard sale.

But please, please, please don't ever let me do that again.


Dark Rapunzel said...

Thank you, may darling Queen of Blondes. The cat tree is already betting love from my gray striped trio, the books will get love for years to come (of course), the karaoke machine shall prove it worth just as soon as I get a place for my music in the house again, and as for the furby... We'll get him some psychological help as soon as possible... Or maybe just an exorcism. LOL

As for the fill-in-the-blank game that you started early on in this blog:
"When I got to Wasilla, all I saw was moose droppings and the locals who cover themselves in the steaming ones just to keep themselves warm!"

Dark Rapunzel said...

Getting! GETTING with a G!!
(Don't make fun of my typos!)

Sparklecat said...

Steaming moose droppings?! What were those moose consuming, lava java?!

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat Moose Munch again after that stunning visual.