Friday, August 17, 2007

Too tired to think of a nifty title

Wow, I'm so wiped out, it's not even funny. I'm trying to find a funny way to express it, though.

Second day of my new job. Spent the last two days in Customer Service relearning everything that I used to do. I'm picking it up pretty fast, but I keep forgetting the small things and it makes me, well, aggravated with myself. Even the girl training me said she knew she was throwing a lot at me in a short amount of time, but the sooner I have all the front end stuff down the sooner I can start learning Office Manager stuff.

My trainer, E., cracks me up. She's a lot smarter than she looks. (I know, it's real crappy of me to base an opinion on how someone looks, but sometimes it's hard not to, ya know?) She's invented all these little systems which are rather ingenious. I'm sure I'll steal a few to take up with me. But she made me my name tag today and called it my "ghetto tag". It was one that used to belong to a girl in CS who just got the Footwear Manager position. She just slapped a sticker with my name over hers.

I wish she hadn't put Office Manager on it, though. I'm still trying to learn the old stuff. I'm just making manager pay and working manager hours. It might give people the impression that I know what I'm doing. Gawd Forbid!

They have a neat new machine that counts the money for the cashiers when they're counting down their drawers at the end of the shift. You put the pile of bills into this little tray and it tells you how much is there by its weight! I couldn't believe it! I didn't think it could possibly be working correctly, so I counted a few of the smaller piles and sure enough. I don't think we'll have one in Alaska, though. I heard the store manager doesn't want one. Fooey.

I'm so tired when I get home, I almost head straight to bed. Except that my tummy won't let me sleep since it wants to be fed. Bothersome to have to eat and drink, isn't it?

Pardon my weird way of writing. If it doesn't make sense, just remember to read this when you're half asleep and maybe it will make sense then.

That's all, folks!


Matthew said...

Funny you should mention that. Your entry made perfect sense to me--because I'm tired as heck! I went to visit Belle this weekend. Belle has started selling snacks at anime conventions, and I helped her in the booth at a convention in Fresno. Get some sleep! I know I will!

Sparklecat said...

How is Belle doing these days? And why is she selling snacks at anime conventions? Sounds like a pretty neat job!

Matthew said...

She's into anime and thought it would be a fun way to go to the conventions and make some money doing it. There aren't many snack vendors, so she has a pretty open field. She said, "It's much cooler on this side of the table."