Tuesday, August 28, 2007


It's gone.

We spent Sunday showing the dome to a nice couple interested in buying it. We settled on $4,650, but gave it to them for $4,500. There were a few issues with the dome, such as a lot of dirt and some peeling of the outer coating from the heat, so we knocked the price down a bit. Then we spent the rest of the day breaking it down, including the floor, piling the pieces into the couple's car and U-Haul van.

We were sad to see it drive off. We hugged each other tight.

Logan was a riot to watch, clambering around at the top of the structure like a monkey as he and Ben took the canopy covering off. And he wanted to put the money in the freezer for a while to have "cold, hard cash". It didn't get hard, but it sure was cold!

The girlfriend and I drove to Mt Aukum to get the U-Haul. We drove past a lot of vineyards and black and yellow tractor crossing signs. One showed a tractor popping a wheelie and the driver chugging from a wine bottle.

Fantastic. Drunk tractor drivers. I think I prefer the soup thing. It's always a hoot and we don't all die from it!

The dome was a big thud of reality for us. It basically screamed we really are moving to Alaska. Maybe someday we'll buy another one. They're making them better and stronger now, so maybe it's all for the best. (Cue Godspell music.)

On a cheerier note, if you haven't bought the Collector's Edition of Serenity yet, you are missing out. The box art is utterly gorgeous and mine came with a comic book to boot! I've got some nifty new ideas for birthday present ideas for a certain soon to be 30 year old I know. Big Damn Shindig, anyone?

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Dark Rapunzel said...

When you feel sad or under a curse... Just call your best friend or go have a Mighty Fine Shindig. Personally, I recommend both... Otherwise I can always bring my space monkeys over to your house and we'll rub soup in your hair!