Monday, August 20, 2007

Make the signal go farther...

The Collector's Edition of Serenity is coming out tomorrow. It has a much more appropriate cover picture this time. The last one drove me crazy; that wasn't River on the front, it was Summer Glau with all her model-ness on. This one actually looks like River. Has all sorts of neat additions that other countries got to see, but we didn't, from what I've seen of other websites discussing this momentous occasion.

So run right out there into the 'verse and buy one, even if you already have several copies of the first one!

I got a great idea for when we move to Alaska. I'll just pretend I'm on one of the border planets, one of the colder, snowy ones like the one Tracey's parents lived on when they carried his body home. That'll appeal to my Firefly imagination, eh?


Dark Rapunzel said...

You bet your a$$ I'm gonna go out and buy one just as soon as I can! >sigh< Living out on one of the border planets really appeals to my imagination, too. Now I'm REALLY jealous of your move to Alaska. I guess I'm just gonna have to book passage on a Firefly bound for your border planet once in a while so I can see how the other half lives. So what shall we call this border planet you're moving to? What was the name of the planet Tracey's parents were living on?

Sparklecat said...

You know, I can't remember what it was called. I'll have to watch that episode again and see if they ever even mention it!