Sunday, September 9, 2007

Time flies when you're working your ass off

Wow, I can't believe a whole week has zipped by since my last post. I've just been working, eating, and sleeping for the most part.

A few more details are stepping into the light as we roll along to our big Leaving California date. We'll be leaving in the afternoon on October 2nd for a week in Alaska to find an apartment and conduct the interviews and whatnot. We'll be coming back on October 8th, probably in the evening. We've decided to board the cats at the kennel I used to work at instead of taking them with us. We don't want to put them through more than one plane flight.

Then we'll be staying in California until October 17th. The pod for shipping all our stuff and our car will be delivered to the store's parking lot around the 10th or so. We'll be working the rest of the time.

I'm very frustrated with how much time we've been putting into working. I was wanting to do all kinds of things and see all kinds of people before we leave, and right now it looks like none of that is going to be happening. We spend too much time working and commuting to do much else. We have to plan to take the cats to the vet, reorganize all our stuff and repack it so it can travel in the pod safely, and to top it all off, the last weekend in September will be spent working because they're having some big weekend celebration at the store and will require every employee to be there.

I miss my friends so much, and I haven't even left yet. Does that seem right to you?

Tomorrow kicks off the intensive training for me. I only get today off and then work for the next five days. No telling how many hours I'll be putting in, since the lady training me is only going to be in town those five days and I want to learn as much as possible before she leaves.

Got my first paycheck finally. It's more than I've ever made on my own before. Too tired to really appreciate it, though.

Let's have a party next Saturday. We can celebrate Melly Bean's 29.95 birthday and have a mighty fine big damn shindig. That's the only day off I know I'll be having next. Or maybe we could wait and hope I have the Sunday after that off, since that's Melly Bean's actual birthday. If someone can plan things, I can supply the money for the supplies! We can watch Firefly and Serenity and repeat all the best lines right along with our favorite characters.

Did you ever have the feeling that you wanted to go... and still have the feeling that you wanted to stay?


Dark Rapunzel said...

Leave it to my best friend to end a blog entry with a Jimmy Durante reference.

I know just how you feel about time flying by. I can't believe it's already several days into September! I should be running around like a head with my chicken cut off!... Oh, wait. I already am. This is the first chance I've had to go online in over a week, so a phone call is your best bet. And if you want to plan something for my birthday you might want to call and talk to my secretary (Allen).

We start Hell Week on my birthday. Pop, whoopee.

Matthew said...

Forgot to tell you...when I went to that anime convention w/ Belle last month, there were two guys there from Alaska. They said, "Alaska. No one you know lives here." I had to laugh and told them, "Actually..." And yes, they knew where Wasilla is.