Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Daddy!

Many happy returns of the day tomorrow, Daddy! I love you and I miss you!

And now for this quick commercial break:

We're not moving to California after all!

Very long story. I waited to post about it until I had told a few important individuals. I thought perhaps they'd rather hear it from me first than read about it on my blog. What really cracked me up was that most of the people I told responded with, "Aw, rats. Now we don't have someone to visit in Alaska!"

I'm glad I make a good vacation spot for the family.

At any rate, Logan and I have decided that we don't really want to leave. We haven't even been here a year. We've seen nothing but wintertime. (And I love the snow here!) I want to see summer. I want to see warmth. I want to witness what everyone who lives here raves about.

They've got someone else in mind for the SoCal store, anyway. Corporate still hasn't made an offer to Logan. I'm now starting to wonder if they're even going to bother.

The Hunting Manager here managed to get himself fired and Logan is acting Hunting Manager. So he'll still be getting a promotion and a raise. And we'll stay in Alaska. I think it's working out well.

Tomorrow we're going house hunting. I can't wait. We're going to buy a house!!!!! A house with a backyard that I can toss the dog into when he needs to go potty, instead of dragging me around on the end of his leash. He's getting bigger and I can feel it!

I posted a chapter of my first novel on Critique Circle. If you like to write and want someone other than friends and family to read chapters of your work, this is a fantastic website to go to:

Of course, you have to be willing to do critiques of others before you can have one done for yourself. I find writing critiques helps me view my own work with a fresher eye.

Besides, there's nothing like posting your work in public to make you notice all your mistakes. Like the fact that I seem obsessed with what the characters do with their hands in the first chapter. Oh, well.

Hopefully I'll develop a thicker skin and a more critical eye for my own work. I truly intend to become a published novelist at some point in my life. I'd love for some of my blog readers to check it out. It should come up in the critique queue by February 20th. It'll be under the Newbies section since this is my first one. Time to get my feet wet in the public pool.

I think that sums everything that's been going on lately. I feel pretty scatterbrained right now. Hope I'm making sense. But then, have I ever really made sense?!


Matthew said...

Good on you. Personally, I don't see that LA store being a success, and you don't want Logan to be the guy who opened the flop store. (Not to mention their sudden persnickety attitude about you working in the office.) Alaska seems to fit you somehow and I think you'll be glad you stayed.

Matthew said...

Of course, I should add that I am disappointed that I won't be able to see you as often. I'm sure that goes w/o saying, but it still should be said. :)

Sparklecat said...

Aw, thanks for saying what didn't need to be said, because it always needs to heard. I miss you!