Friday, February 29, 2008

The one that got away...

Well, maybe, maybe not. I thought we'd found the ONE. The home we wanted to buy and live in and everything. Nice new construction on a bit more than half an acre, but surrounded with trees so that you can hardly see any neighbors, out in the "sticks" but still close to work (of course, most areas out here are the sticks.)

But there were issues between our real estate agent and the builder. To make a long story short (no, it's not too late!) we've been hearing a lot of stuff that we want to learn more about that could help us buy a home. Stuff like grants for first time home buyers, for buying a home in Alaska, and classes to help first time home buyers knock some numbers off the price of a home. Turns out our coworker's mom is a real estate agent, but one who actually has a vested interest in finding her son a good place to live for as little money as possible. She turned us on to a lot of this stuff while our agent and the builder were "exchanging pleasantries".

Yeah, maybe we'll lose out on this home. But he's building others. And maybe we'll find something else along the way. But if we can work all this stuff we've been hearing about, that could add up to a sweet deal. Worth waiting for, doncha think?

But I am disappointed. Very disappointed. I really liked that house and how it was situated on the property. And the neighborhood. And Logan did, too.


The snow is mostly gone, but the wind is back in full force. We had about a week of gorgeous weather were you could actually feel the warmth of the sun! Most of the time the wind just freezes your flesh until you feel encased in a glacier, effectively blocking the sun's rays.

Logan is very busy with work and very stressed out. But at least he got his raise and his promotion to Hunting Manager here in Wasilla. It's official; we're not going to Victorville.

I've been working, too. But I don't have to put in as much time as Logan has had to. I'm trying to be understanding, but I'm bored. And a little depressed, too.

I'll be back in California on March 19th (bright and early in the morning because I'm taking a midnight flight. It's cheaper.) I'll be in town for about a week, returning on the 26th. My best friend's wedding is smack in the middle of it.

Can you feel it Myndi? Those wedding bells vibrating the air near your ears... Wah ha ha... Mine is an evil laugh!


Dark Rapunzel said...

So who's picking you up from the airport this time?

Sparklecat said...

Tiffy volunteered this time. We're going karaoke-ing the night I arrive, yes?