Monday, March 10, 2008

The Downside to Taking Your Dog to Work... that he gets bored at home.

I took today off. Logan took the car to work, so it was just me and Bruno all day.

I was trying to accomplish all the stuff that goes undone during the week. I spent most of the day chasing him out of the trash, prying his jaws apart to remove various soggy rubbish, and cleaning up his accidents on the floor. He's housebroken when he's not at home apparently.

At work, even though he's in a kennel, he gets visited by all kinds of people and gets to walk through the store greeting customers on his leash. People love him because he's so cute.

But there are things he does that aren't so cute anymore. Like chewing on everything (which is actually biting when he does it on humans) and jumping on people.

It got WARM today! The parking lots are back to their normal duties instead of moonlighting as ice skating rinks.

(Yes, this is related to the topic above and not a complete Monty Python change of subject.)

Now when he goes outside to potty, Bruno gets muddy paws. Hence the reason why jumping is not cute anymore.

He's getting bigger and still loves to get in the face of munchkins. But he can knock them clean off their feet with his breath alone.

I wanted to take him with me on my trip to California, but it costs $200. And Logan won't have time to watch him here. So we're considering a doggy school.

His sitting in his kennel right now and I feel like such a horrible, unworthy parent.

Of course, his kennel contains a big, fluffy pillow, his favorite towel, and several chew toys. I'm such a sucker.

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