Thursday, February 21, 2008

Searching for signs...

It's interesting what can happen to a person when they're searching for a home. Sure, you do all the usual stuff, like picking the things that are important for you in a house. Acreage, garage, three bedrooms or two, a bath and a half, a fenced yard, whatever.

I'm searching for signs.

We've looked at a bunch of houses and I've liked a few. But none that have made me jump up and down and yell "This is it!"

Yeah, Myn, just like when I was searching for the perfect tattoo. You helped me with that one. Wanna come out here and help me with this one?

One thing I have been paying avid attention to: the street signs that the house is on.

For some reason this holds great significance to me. I can't figure out why. The name of the street is like a symbol, something familiar or something pointing the way to the perfect house.

I almost thought I had one. It was on Little John Dr.

My bestest buddy and I used to dress up as Robin Hood and Little John and go to Fairytale Town. Guess which one I was.

The house was beautiful. But it was in a really crappy neighborhood. Someone had bought the house just to fix it up and they did a great job. But now it is really the nicest house in that neighborhood and Logan is convinced if we buy it, we'll get robbed.

At any rate, why would the name of the street be so important to me? Am I really looking for something that will tell me which house to buy rather than making the decision myself? Yeah, that sounds like me.

We saw another house today, but the street sign didn't mean anything to me (West Fork or something like that.) It was a cute two story log house with three bedrooms downstairs and a kitchen and living room upstairs. It had a huge garage with a little apartment over it. Sitting on about an acre with one neighbor really close next door and another more hidden behind trees on the other side.

What cracked me up was that the last owners must not have been able to decide what kind of wallpaper they liked best. So they used all of them. Each room had two kinds of wallpaper. And none of them matched. Stripes, hearts, flowers, upstairs was mostly green PLAID. Ew. Still a cute place, though. Logan didn't seem to care for it all that much.

One of the reasons I liked it was because the problems I could see with it all looked like problems I could handle. And the house wasn't filled with someone else's stuff so I could see every nook and cranny.

Ah, well.

We'll look at some more in a slightly higher price range soon. I'll just have to keep praying that I have the same moment like when Myndi pointed out my new tattoo when I turned 30. "How about that dragon, Heather? Blowing a smoke pentacle?"

And me jumping up and down yelling, "That's it!"


Dark Rapunzel said...

Keep searching for the signs. They'll tell you whether you're about to make the right decision or the wrong one. I search for signs every time I have to make a life-changing decision. If nothing else, it helps to reassure you.

When I bought my last car I searched for a sign, and I found one. The license plate had my best friend's initials (kinda) and the numbers all reminded me of a show I once did sound tech for and loved. And although I am now searching for a new car, that one has lasted me 9 wonderful years. (Not bad at all for buying one's first used car!)

So keep searching, Sparkle my love. You'll know when you see it. I really wish I could be there to help you search. I LOVE searching for houses, and searching for the perfect house for my dearest friend you be a joy. Even through the trials and tribulations.

Best Wishes! Break an egg! TCOY, ILY, AATJ!

Dark Rapunzel said...

Now that I stop and look back on it, it's rather odd that you were Little John, since I was the nearly six-foot-tall, muscular-looking, large, imposing Mindinator.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Sparklecat said...

But you were so dashing as Robin! And you spoke with an English accent! (We're Men - Manly Men! - We're Men in Tights! YES!)