Sunday, January 4, 2009

Little House Weirdness

When I first read "These Happy Golden Years" from the Little House series of books, I cracked up when I read this line: " ... and everyone was so happy and gay because it was only 20 degrees below zero and the sun shone."

I figured at the time that it didn't really matter that it had been forty below earlier in the chapter because anything below zero is FREAKIN' COLD!

Well, in a way that is true. It seems once you get past a certain low temp, it just plain feels cold.

However, I will now admit that twenty below could feel downright warm after forty below.

The last few days, our lows have been in the -20s. It's been the lowest we've yet seen here in the Valley and we've been hearing from the locals that this is the worst winter in 30 years. (And last winter was abnormally mild, though it did snow in April.)

When we got up this morning to go to work, it was only -3. And it felt warm!

I wonder how the Big Lake folks are faring. Though they are only about 1/2 an hour away from us (about the distance of Shingle Springs to Pollock Pines, for my California friends), they were in the forty below range while we were in the -20s. Basically, those folks weren't going anywhere during that time; their cars were not cooperating!

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