Thursday, July 5, 2007

After the "day off"...

Happy Day After Independence Day!

Yesterday was quite full. I went with Logan to the store to have my official informal interview.

Informal. Basically the Wasilla Store Manager just wanted to make sure that Logan wasn't bullying me into going to Alaska. I said, "Are you kidding? I'm the first one who thought about it!"

And then we spent the rest of the time talking about Alaska. You know, the gangs in Anchorage with the occasional drive-by, the booming dope gardens, the crystal meth labs ...

Oh, wait. That's the kind of thing my mother wouldn't want to hear about. (Sorry, Mom.)

Yeah, we've heard Alaska has it's own fair share of problems. People move up there for the freedom, but then they try to make it exactly like where they came from. We're going up there because it's different, not in spite of it.

After my "interview", I spent the next couple of hours talking to people I used to work with. Boy, news travels fast along this grapevine. People were already calling me Officer Manager when I ran into them.

I also ran into Karen, my first martial arts instructor, and told her all about it. She seemed very excited for us and again reiterated the karate curse of triplet boys on us. Is it any wonder I'm afraid to have even one kid?! That one could very easily be three at once!!

When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

Well, I went home and tried to get some work done. I had to stop sooner than I wanted because I started getting a migraine. I think I've reached the point my eye doctor warned me about. I can't do work wearing my contacts without getting a headache. I guess I'll have to wear glasses 24/7 very soon. How depressing. But those are issues I'll get into some other day.

Went to the family party at my cousins' house after picking Logan up from work. What fun. Tons of food, music, and talking with family. Not exactly Logan's cup of tea, especially when Mom breaks out her camcorder (scrapbook freak), but then he grew up in a very different type of family than mine. He's handling it so well though. He's got a good attitude.

The fireworks were beautiful. My brother bought out the stand because he'd gotten paid right before buying fireworks, so he brought the mother lode with him. It was a long, crackly night.

My brother and my cousins jumped the shower of sparks from the cones, crashing into the ladder and each other on occasion. The Three Stooges on the Fourth of July.

I was playing with Nino and another younger boy and a big inflatable ball. I had just lunged out wide and grabbed the ball when someone set off the first firework of the night. It was one of those screamers. When I heard it, I thought it was the ball in my arms exploding so I dropped it with a squeal. My mom got it on camera. That's one for America's funniest home videos.

A bunch of us used the sticks to write our names on the sidewalk. That's one thing that the new sparklers have over the old sparklers. I still miss the old ones though.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day as much as I did. Blessed be.

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