Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It's Official..

We are moving!

(Theater brats, name that line!)

Here's the hilarious part. This whole thing came up with Logan having been working his butt off and now people are finally noticing what a great employee he is. So we were waiting on the final word on his management position before selling our stuff and throwing what's left into Rubbermaid Totes.

Well, we're still waiting for word on whether he has the Gun Room Manager slot or not.

I'm officially Office Manager.

I'm shaking so much, it's hard to type@$(j392dw)(&%#


I've never been a manager before. I have no idea what to expect. I'm scared witless.

But moving to Alaska doesn't phase me one bit. Isn't that a laugh.

(Crickets chirping)

Well, maybe not.

So now it begins. Lots of furniture to move, cleaning and packing and dusting and polishing...

(Okay, even die hard theater brats won't know that one unless they've visited Olde Coloma Theatre recently. http://groups.myspace.com/oldcolomatheatre
That should give you a better idea. Good lord, this is the last show I'll be doing in California for ... uh ... a long time!)

I'll be going in for a formal interview tomorrow. Holy Mary Mother of Moonbeams, I have to tell my current boss I'm quitting! I hope there's something left of me after the blaze dies down.

So maybe we won't be leaving as early as the end of August after all. Logan said something about possibly staying here until the end of September, flying up there to do interviews for three days, coming back for a week, then going up for good in October.

But as annoying as it is, everything is still up in the air.

Oops, may mac and cheese is done. Now if only I still felt like eating.

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