Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Reasons for Moving (clears throat) ...

Okay, so I said yesterday that I had some reasons for wanting to move to Alaska. So here's my list:

1) I don't tan, so my time in California sun is wasted anyway.

2) I have a fantastic spouse creature that will keep me warm.

3) California laws suck.

4) There are more Libertarians in Alaska.

5) I'm obsessed with "Little House on the Prairie" books and have always wanted to be closer to nature and live a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

6) There's a fantastic growing season for gardens. With 20 hours of sunlight a day, I've heard people can grow the biggest vegetables!

7) I won't have to wear shorts anymore, so I won't have to shave my legs. (Logan cringes when I mention that.)

8) We will actually be able to purchase a house, a near impossibility in California.

9) Upon purchasing said house, we will finally be open to the idea of having kids. (My parents are probably shouting hallelujah right now and dancing a jig around their living room.)

10) We're both being offered fantastic jobs, a must have before even considering a move to Alaska.

There's probably more, but those are the ones that stick out in my mind right now as I write this.

I just hate waiting for everything to be settled. Technically I still don't have the job that I was offered (waiting on one higher-up who's never met me to give the okay), but Logan's is solid.

And I think I may actually be willing to climb on a plane to get there, at least for the sake of my cats. But more on the cats tomorrow.

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Chevy said...

OMFG! Alaska!?

oh well, it will be an adventure. I wish all the best to you and Logan. I'll miss you guys.


ur cuz,