Friday, July 13, 2007

I may be a Taurus, but this is ridiculous...

Okay, totally unrelated to moving to Alaska, but as there's nothing new to report on that front, I simply couldn't leave this one alone.

Did you see those pics of the guys getting gored during the running of the bulls?! It's enough to turn the stomach of the strongest among us. I got this pic from the Drudge Report where they're calling it "The Day the Bulls Won."

"I just got back from running with the bulls. I tell you, those bulls aren't running away, they're running around looking for people. Growl, snort, snort. I had a close call, I almost got gored in my frijoles. Oh, the pain in Spain!"

"I could help, big Al!"

Couldn't resist the Laugh-In reference. It's too, too perfect.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled chaos.


Matthew said...

Is this a take? Was that a dirty parakeet joke? Seriously, where was the "Laugh-In" reference?

Sparklecat said...

Actually, that whole thing in quotes was the Laugh-In reference. Alan Sues would do the sports part of Laugh-In Looks at the News (Da da da-da.) He always had a bell of some kind to ring at the start of it.