Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Afterthought Burn

Yeah, you can tell I'm bored because I'm already posting again.

I forgot to mention that my sweet older brother gave me a web cam a day or two ago! Logan had promised we would get one so that people can still see me even all the way in Alaska. Well, Roy had one that came with his laptop and he'd never used it, so he gave it to me! Woohoo! I can't wait to play with it. I hope it works with our laptop.

Also, I think I may get a new weather button. This one doesn't seem to be changing! I'm avoiding the possibility that Wasilla weather is always like that, so don't burst my bubble!

Okay. I'm going away to figure out the Firefly Theme on my guitar now. Melly Bean promised me that I could play it on the last night of our show and I still don't know the chords! Arrgh!


Melly Bean said...

The almighty and magnificent Artistic Director at Olde Coloma Theatre graces you with her presence once more!... Actually, I just wanted to tell you that Miss Mel has finally given in and gotten herself a new email address. And here it is...


Since I have no one's email address any longer, It would be best to email me with yours.
Welcome to the Dollhouse!

P.S. I'm sorry for self-pimping on your blog, Heather-poo, but I wanted you to be the first to know.

Sparklecat said...

Pimp away, my bestest buddy! I'm off to be the first to email you! If I'm not too late!

Kali said...

Did you figure out the chords?

Sparklecat said...

I figured out most of them by learning to use my cappo. It looked so different from the one my father used that I wasn't sure that was what it was!

So when I put it on, all of a sudden the chords people were suggesting sounded right!

There's a couple of chords in the middle that I'm not sure of still, but that's also the part where other instruments carry the melody in the series version (as opposed to Joss Whedon's version on the DVD extras). I'm trying to figure those notes out currently. I'm still learning how to read tabs.

Kali said...

This may sound high-larious, but I have the tab for both versions. Let me dig it up, and I can email it to you.