Friday, July 6, 2007

The Details Drag Slowly Northward

Little by little I'm getting more information about when we'll be leaving and the circumstances around that auspicious event. (Though I'm sure some of my family and friends would refer to it as an ass-picious event. Those with dirtier minds would, anyway.)

I wish I could find out everything at once. Then I wouldn't be chomping at the bit. I want to talk to my current boss and let her know what's going on, but I don't know what's going on yet!

After talking to the Wasilla Store Manager today, I was told to expect to begin training for Office Manager in Reno about the middle of August. Then interviews for the Wasilla store will begin around the 28th or so of September, so we'd be flying up a few days beforehand to get our bearings and look for apartments to live in. We'd be going up for good probably a week after the interviews.

I've been searching online and there are at least two apartment complexes with decent rent prices within five minutes of the store. We plan to start house hunting in January after all the holiday hullabaloo falls off.

Anyway, it looks like I'll be holding the Moving to Alaska Yard Sale within the first couple of weeks of August. I'll just have to live without my PlayStation until... next year maybe? Eek, what a dreadful thought! How will I get my Grand Theft Auto fix?!

I've already started rooting out stuff. Got a big pile of clothes and craft goodies next to the front door that's growing every day. Don't know how Logan is doing with selling the extra cars yet. Perhaps I should start bugging him tonight after the show.

Holy Marinated Mother! I've got a show tonight! I need to go eat my dinner and get my "Chrissy Mae" on.


Anonymous said...

Hello there, Heather-pookums! I finally went online to learn about blogs! Later tonight I'll learn about carrying. (Firefly reference!) Holy Mary, Mother of Manatees! You'll be happy to know I laughed while reading your blogs. Just for the record, you haven't lost any of your sparkling wit.

With Love and Adoration,
Melly Bean

Matthew said...

When I got to Wasilla, all I saw was tog I nehw!

Matthew (If Blogger won't capitalize it, I will!!)

Sparklecat said...

Gee, Matthew, that sounds familiar! Like I just heard that recently or something! ;>

And the only reason I have sparkling wit, Melly Bean, is because of all the sparkling apple cider I ingest on the holidays. All that air has to come out one way or another! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

All I saw was miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles.

Sparklecat said...

Love the Red Skelton Reference. Way to go, Mom! Uh, I mean Anonymous.